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Michael Du, the man behind one of the largest Hongshan antiques collection in the world.


Hongshan people living area

Michael at Hongshan living area. Michael考察红山人生活区。

Group of hundreds of stone tombs

Hundreds of stone tombs facing Xilamulun river. 几百个积石冢面向西拉木伦河。

Michael beside a huge Hongshan stone tomb

There are hundreds of stone tombs in on this mountain slop, some big enough for a few persons, some for couple, and most for single person. 在这个山坡上有几百个积石冢,大的可以葬几个人,有的是夫妻墓,有的一人墓。场面颇为壮观。

With over 25 years of Chinese antiques expertise, Michael Du is one of the foremost experts of Hongshan cultural antiques. His knowledge of the Hongshan people and artifacts has been sought after and he has been a featured speaker at several Hongshan and Chinese antique conferences. He is the Chairman of the HONGSHAN ELITE COLLECTORS ALLIANCE and an advisor to the CHINA HONGSHAN CULTURE RESEARCH ASSOCIATION.

Mr. Du was born in China to a family with several generations of Chinese antique collecting history and experience. He has been living in Canada for 25 years and during this time has travelled extensively all around the world searching and collecting Chinese antiques.

Mr. Du. also owns thousands of other Chinese antique pieces consisting of China Ming and Qing dynasty Huanghuali and Zitan furniture; bamboo and wood carvings, as well as scholar artifacts from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Apart from Hongshan jade, his jade collection also centers from the Liangzhu culture, Sanxingdui culture period as well as from Shang to Han dynasties. These pieces are on display on a separate dedicated website.

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